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The work in the Photon Physics group covers areas as diverse as new sources of low energy lighting, solar cells, medical and biological uses of lasers through to fundamental atomic and molecular physics. We use a wide range of light sources for our work, employing photons ranging from THz, IR, visible and UV lasers to vacuum ultraviolet light. We also have a significant programme of work where laser and synchrotron radiation are being combined.

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Group News

New Students Join the Group: Sept 2014
Neuronal activity grant awarded: Mark Dickinson - Sept 2014
Light for Life event: Mark Dickinson - Sept 2014
New Deputy-Director of PSI: Sept 2014
Visitors to the group: Sept 2014
Conferences and Invited Talks: Sept 2014
PSI seminar - TEMPO beamline at SOLEIL: Mathieu Silly - 10th Sept 2014
Solar Energy Talk at Macclesfield SciBar: Darren Graham - 28th July 2014

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Research Themes

solar energy

Materials for Energy

Atomic and Molecular Interactions

Biological and Medical Systems

PSI building

Where to find us

The Photon Physics Group in the School of Physics and Astronomy is based in the Photon Science Institute. This Institute is located in a new 4-storey building which houses state of the art facilities for the study of photon science. The Institute houses researchers from many disciplines from across the University in a research environment unique in the UK.